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The Devil’s Half Acre Distillery, established in 2016, is the only military veteran owned and operated distillery in the State of Maine. Our spirits have local character, are artisanal, and expertly handcrafted. Distilled with fresh Maine water, sourced directly from our land, and locally sourced botanicals, our distillery provides only the highest quality Spirits.

Our Core Values are focused on quality of product (spirits) and the customers we will serve. Our guarantee is that our Gin will be top-shelf quality, at a price point everyone can afford. Whether you’re a mixologist that enjoys unique cocktails, or traditional Gin and tonic, the homemade character of our Gin will make every sip a memorable moment.


It's time to rediscover Gin with Jigger and Jones American Gin. Premium quality performance with subtle notes of Juniper, citrus and spice. It finishes with earthy undertones and a smooth feel. J&J satisfies both the mix drink and neat Gin drinkers. Join the quest to rediscover what Gin should taste like.  


Meet The Team


Matthew T. Murphy

President, Director of Operations

With 15 years of military leadership experience, and an equal amount in small business sales and development, Matthew has the drive and logistics/strategic capability for success. 


Larry F. Murphy

Director of Sales and Marketing

Larry has 40+ years of B2B and B2C sales, marketing, and CRM skills and experience in various industries. He developed his sales career early in life working in print for a weekly newspaper, then a highly respected Business magazine. From there he went to work for two advertising agencies where he developed his marketing skills and knowledge. Knowing that he could run his own business, he opened an advertising agency in the mid 1980’s.

Vietnam Era Veteran, United States Air Force Strategic Air Command.


James Beaupre, PhD Chemical Engineering

Chief Science Officer

James is currently the Innovative Engineer at University of Maine, Orono; the first such engineer world-wide. He is also a highly sought-after Spirits Industry Consultant. As an inventor, James is credited with multiple patents in Chemical Engineering, and the creator of many spirits recipes world-wide. With a BS and PhD in chemical engineering, and years of hands-on distillery industry experience, the Devil’s Half Acre Distillery is extremely fortunate to have such a valuable team member.



Who were “Jigger” Johnson and Fan Jones.

At its height in 1860, Bangor, Maine was the world’s leader in shipping timber around the world. 250 million board feet of timber were floated down the Penobscot River to Bangor harbor. Records show that more than 3,000 ships moored in the harbor, so many in fact that you could walk across the river, on their decks, from Bangor to Brewer. The ships came from around the world: China, Europe, Australia, and the West Indies.

Timber was traded for molasses and rum, which the loggers imbibed with enthusiasm. Though Maine was dry since 1851, Bangor stayed resolutely wet. In 1890 the city had 142 saloons and brothels; many of the saloons were located in a section of downtown known as The Devil’s Half Acre.

Prior to COVID, the Bangor Historical Society provided tours of where the Devil’s Half Acre once existed. Thanks to the efforts of BHS, the Acre lives on.

One of the more notable and legendary figures of that time was a shrewd but elegant business woman by the name of Fan Jones. Fan owned a well-known bordello called the Sky Blue House of Pleasure. Legend has it Fan had the chimney of her establishment painted sky blue so sailors and lumberjacks could easily locate it as they arrived in town.  Many folk songs were written about her by sailors and lumberjacks – like the following:

"Fan Jones, she ran a cathouse

Way down on Harlow Street

If you’re a woodsman

Head straight there

And your friends you’ll surely meet."

During the same period of time, there was a legendary lumberjack who lived in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. His name was Albert “Jigger” Johnson. Legend has it Jigger would catch bobcats alive barehanded, and would exhibit his daring at public events. It is reported that he would venture over to Bangor during his time off from the woods; perhaps to share a drink with Fan Jones.




Albion –

    Mini Mart


Alton –

    Alton Grocery


Amherst –

    Amherst General Store 


Augusta –

    Damon’s Beverage


Bangor –

    Base Exchange

    Damon’s Beverage


    Novio’s Restaurant

    Rack City

    Tesoro Italian Restaurant

    The Tarrantine Restaurant


Bar Harbor –

    Town Hill Market


Belfast –

    Meanwhile Restaurant


Biddeford –

    Market Basket

Blue Hill –

    Tradewinds Variety


Bradford –

    Bradford General Store


Brewer –

    High Tide Restaurant

    Mason’s Brewing Company

    Paradis Shop ‘n Save


Calais –

    Tradewinds Variety


Caribou –


    Sleeper’s Market


Carmel –

    Rick’s Mini Mart

    The Village Market

    Ye Old General Store


Clinton –



Cornish –

    Call’s Shop ‘n Save


Dedham –

    Lucerne Inn


Dexter –

    P & L Country Market



Dixfield –

    Towle’s Corner Store


Dixmont –

    Orcutt’s Variety

East Millinocket –

    Ellis Family Market


Eastport –

    R&M IGA Foodliner

Eddington –

   The Eddington Store


Ellsworth –

    Friends & Family Market

    Global Beverage


Fairfield –

    Friends & Family Market


Farmington –

    Ron’s Market


Fort Fairfield –

    Hillside IGA

Fort Kent –

    Paradis Shop ‘n Save


Glenburn –

    Tocci’s Checkout

    Village Variety


Greenbush –

    Applebee’s Superette


Greenville –

    Indian Hill Grocery


Hampden –


    R&K Variety


Hermon –

    C & K Variety



Holden –



Houlton –

    Andy’s IGA


Hudson –

    Roger’s Market


Island Falls –

    Jerry’s Food Store


Kenduskeag –

    Sam’s Qwik Stop


Kittery –

    Pine Tree Country Store


Lagrange –

    Lagrange General Store


Lincoln –

    Lincoln Why Not Stop


Lisbon –




Lisbon Falls –

    Food City


Lubec –

    Lyons Market


Machias –



Madawaska –

    Bob’s Service Center

    Paradise Shop ‘n Save

Mars Hill –

    Mars Hill IGA


Milford –



Mt. Desert –



Naples –

    UFO Store


Newry –

    Barking Dawg Market


Patten –

    Ellis Family Market

Old Orchard Beach –

    Potvin’s Market


Old Town –

    KANÙ restaurant

    Tim’s Little Big Store


Orrington –

    Freshies Snow Corner


Orono –

    Bell’s IGA

    Leadbetter Quick Stop

    Orono Thriftway

    The Common Loon

    Woodman’s Brew Pub



Otis –

    Otis General Store


Penobscot –

    Northern Bay Market


Pittsfield –

    Bud’s Shop ‘n Save


Plymouth –

    Plymouth Village Store


Portland –

    Bow Street Beverage 

    Old Port Spirits & Cigar



Presque Isle –


    Star City IGA


Randolph –

    Goggin’s IGA


Rockland –

    Beverage Barn


Saco –

    Madden Beverage


Sanford –

    The City Tobacco & Beverage


Scarborough –

    Oak Hill Beverage

Searsport –

    Tozier’s Market


Sherman –

    Sherman Thrift Way Supermarket


Skowhegan –

    Damon’s Beverage

    Laney’s Pit Stop

   West Front Market  

South Berwick –

    Nature’s Way Market


Swanville –

    Swan Lake Grocery, Inc.


Topsham –



Unity –

    The Depot Country Store


Warren –

    Andes Variety


Waldo –

    Weaver’s Roadside Market


Waterville –

    Damon’s Beverage

    Front & Main Restaurant


Westbrook – 

    Friendly Discount 

    Market Basket


Wilton –

    Steve’s Market


Windham –

    Patman’s Redemption


Winterport –

    Deb’s Variety




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The Devil's Half Acre Distillery


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